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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create technologically advanced, self-sustaining medical facilities and living complexes to suit the needs of our global community.
Our vision is to become the leading global construction and medical facilities provider to service all seven continents.

10 Million$

Research Budget


Farms built

2222 Medical & Modular

Built Facilities

56 Years

of experience

Let us introduce ourselves

About the Farm

Facilities include a water quality laboratory, a shellfish hatchery, a marine fish hatchery,demonstration fish culture units, and a marine mammal rehabilitation facility.

Freshwater and marine aquaponics demonstration units are also present at each facility.

Let us introduce ourselves

Modular Medical Facilities

When it comes to building modular solutions for the healthcare market, Global Ocen and land developers international excels, providing prefabricated modular medical facilities,

from individual medical offices for physicians and specialists to diagnostic imaging suites and dialysis facilities, all the way to complete modular clinics and hospitals.

100 years of expertise


Utilizing modern technological advances in modular construction, GOLD creates custom design, architecturally beautiful, highly specialized, self-sustaining surgical and medical centers. Whether a multi-discipline medical mall, a 200 bed specialty hospital, or a disaster relief emergency clinic, GOLD offers solutions to our global need for a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.  

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In emergency situations


All of our units arrive fully equipped and stocked with medical supplies. Larger facilities can deployed and operational in as little as 4 weeks after delivery.  Mobile facilities are designed to provide maximum flexibility, allowing future expansion and/or complete relocation in a matter of weeks.

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Leadership is important


We at GOLD  have a strong and committed investment in the Domestic with a number of project in the medical facility arena and homes for low income families, moderate income families and high end custom built homes for the unique. The engineering and development of many projects does not stop with just the International side.

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Pre-growing ponds

Aquaculture Farming Campus

With a move toward globalization, Global Ocean and Land Developers International, LLC. team of highly qualified scientists and engineers have brought the ancient practice of aquaculture into the 21st century with the creation of the fully integrated, environmentally responsible, Aquaculture Farming Campus.

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